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Our Mission. Our Values

Apozitive has a simple statement that sums up our mission as a whole: Be A Positive Inspiration in EVERYTHING we do. Our goal is to not only provide world-class entertainment to every event we play at, but to also be that positive ray of light for our people, our clients, and our community.

We encourage and support all parties with different cultural and diverse backgrounds! We undergo extensive research (and when possible) join special culture group that influences us to to come up with creative ideas that connect with that particular culture.

We are all about respect- We are ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE! We are about being "A Positive Experience" in a dark and uncertain world.

Music Mixing

Mastering Xpertise

 Each day we wake up, we're gifted with the opportunity to learn something new. The more you learn, the better you become at something. The better you are, the closer you get to mastering your craft.

For us, we take learning seriously, and undergo training, as well as extensive practice sessions. The result? We come to each event, with an "upgraded" skillset, and perform better than our previous performance- all at no additional charge to our clients!

Dancing in the Mist

Dedicated for Xcellence

If you are truly passionate about something, you will go beyond great distances ensure you do well at what you love. You'll make sacrifices to get the best results, and you'll strive to be the very best, no matter what challenges you may face. 

That's Excellence.  That's Dedication. Its the lifeblood that fuels our success.

Xperience Diversity

Diversity in simple terms means "Different". It is the building block of what makes us unique, and the foundation of any cultural aspect.  

Apozitive is committed to being a diversified company, who is passionate and willing to work with all cultures, all ethnicities, all religions, and all people regardless of orientations, handicaps, and beliefs. 

After all we are all unique and special. That's what makes Diversity beautiful!

Fancy DJ

Being Xtraordinary

Apozitive specializes in turning visions, into an epic, extraordinary world of reality they will never forget. 

How do we accomplish this task? With our ingenuities in creativity and engineering, marked by our passion for excellence, accompanied by our diversified culture,  we come up with something ingenious, and unique that goes above and beyond every single time. 

Presenting DJ A-Lojic!

This is AJ Oliver, better known as DJ A-Lojic. He is the friendly, creative, and ingenious mastermind always working to take care of his people! He is very passionate about music, technology, and especially passionate to aid others using his gifts.

AJ started his musical journey as a young trombonist at age 10, while learning many other instruments along the way. He played in many school bands, as well as a drummer for other groups. 

It wasn't until his junior year in high school, when a few close friends got AJ interested in DJing. AJ, being the hands-on, experimental type, quickly learned the the basics of DJing, by combining different samples off CDs, LPs, and cassettes.


It didn't take long for AJ to create his first mix, which became an instant hit among his peers. Before long, AJ, along with his superior dancing skills, became one of the most popular sensations across the student body. 

AJ later pursued a career in computer information systems whilst, at the same time, juggling music, and being a part-time private DJ. After graduating college and acquiring multiple IT certifications, AJ served as a technical director, musician, and creative engineer for multiple churches across Northern Virginia for 15 years. 

AJ enjoys ministering, traveling, gardening, cooking, playing sports, family, and doing anything creative. One of his life dreams is to skydive across the Philippines, and to build churches in parts of the world. 

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