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Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got Questions? We've got answers! Our goal is to color in any grey areas that may lie in-between certain lines, so we created out FAQ page to keep the clarity in, and the confusion out...

 If for whatever reason you can't find the answer to your question(s)- fret not. Send us a general information question, or chat with us, and we will (hopefully) give you the answer you are looking for! 

Can't Find the answer you're looking for?

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Will the DJ play a request immedietly?

Short Answer- Depends. Alojic spins, and mixes music from a playlist, and will need to prioritize the hosts song requests first. After that, if the DJ receives enough requests, he will certainly mix in your request-

HOWEVER please be patient- Alojic will be very busy maintaining the flow of the event, while keeping the party alive, so please be considerate- avoid flooding his request queue with your same request, or keep asking him when he'll play your song...your understanding is well appreciate :-)

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Can I hook my device to the DJ's system, and play a song from YouTube

Unfortunately no, due to the infringement (violation) of copywrite laws.

If you are the host, and require a song to be played, please work with your DJ to ensure the required song gets on the priority list. If you are a guest, please submit your request via a provided link, or scan the QR Code at your table/on your program.

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Is Apozitive/DJ Alojic Insured?

You better believe it!

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Does DJ Alojic take requests?

Absolutely- in fact we encourage it!

There are three ways we invite you to make song requests:

(A) Submit your request via a link provided by your host prior to the event,

(B) Scan the QR Code that is on your table/program/dj booth, and complete your request

(C) In-Person Requests- Even though Alojic loves taking verbal in-person requests, it can be very difficult to do so in a larger louder atmosphere. Submitting it via the latter links ensures an accurate request!

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Can I Tip my DJ?

We strive to provide our clients an awesome, and professional experience in good faith at no additional costs. Although we don't require, or will ever push for tips, a host or even a guest is certainly welcome to reward their DJ for a job well done.

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Does Apozitive play before, or during a major winter event?

Short Answer: it depends.
If a winter event storm posing little or no significant impact to the area, Apozitive will still provide service, so as long as its safe to do so, and the host wishes to move forward with their event.

However, If a major winter event is expected (including significant ice storms) within 24-48 hours of the scheduled event, or if a state of emergency is declared ahead of the storm, Apozitive will halt operations, and work with the host regarding the continuity of their event.

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What is the policy on severe weather? Hurricanes?

The safety of our host, guests, and staff is priority #1, and our number one key policy is safety for all.

If a severe weather watch, or thunderstorms are forecasted for the area, and the event is outdoors, Apozitive will work with the host to devise a continuity plan (or reschedule the event) in the event bad weather strikes. Should the host continue their event, Apozitive, and the host will closely monitor the weather.

If threatening weather is imminent, or the NWS issues a severe weather warning in the area of the event, Apozitive will immediately halt the event, and direct all guests to a designated location until the inclement weather passes. The host will ultimately decide on whether to continue, postpone, or cancel the remainder of the event.

If any hurricane or tropical storm poses as a serious threat, or if a state of emergency is declared ahead of the storm, Apozitive will halt operations, will be forced to cancel all events prior to, and following the storm due to the unforeseen circumstances following the wake of the storm.

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What is the maximum party size you can accommodate?

As we are still a growing company, we can support most crowds and most venue sizes with no problem with the equipment we currently have- however larger venues without additional sound support, may require additional speakers to be added to the system to deliever the sound properly

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What does the DJ normally wear to events

DJ Alojic is a flexible DJ...and he will always dress for the appropriate occasion.

For casual events, Alojic may wear a polo/clean T-shirt, Jeans/shorts, and other appropriate accessories in good tastes.

For any formally declared event, Alojic wears a clean dress shirt, dark slacks, dress shoes, a special fedora, and if, required, a jacket and tie.

For corporate events, Alojic's attire will be semi-formal, to relaxed (business casual). Attire may include dark slacks, a polo shirt, newsboy hat, or whatever is required by the host

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Do you support LGBTQIA+ Clients and events?

Absolutely! Apozitive is committed to be adverse and culture inclined company. As such our policy forbids any form of discrimination including (but not limited to) a clients race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, political views, or income

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Do you work with all budgets?

We make an effort to accommodate most budgets on a case-by-case basis. As every budget, and every circumstance is different, this is one of those questions that cannot be answered directly. We suggest contacting us for a free consultation to discuss matters further.

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Are the pre-built packages customizable?

Yes, and no. You are welcome to add any additional service to any package, at any time- unfortunately the prebuilt packages themselves cannot be altered directly- If you find that one of our packages don't fit your needs, schedule a consultation, and we will gladly construct a unique package to your liking!

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