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Apozitive Booking Process

Apozitive has a straight forward booking process to keep things simple, easy, and stress-free. 

  • Step One: Request a Quote, or a consultation if you are interested in learning more, or wish to book our services. 

  • Step Two: If you decided to move forward with the booking process, a quote and a contract will be sent to you via email

  • Review the contract. Sign, and submit if you agree to the terms. Accept the Quote (or invoice), and pay the required deposit.

Once the signed contract has been received, and the initial deposit satisfied, Apozitive will block the requested date, and officially book your event!

PLEASE NOTE. Both the signed contract, AND the deposit will need to be satisfied within one week of acceptance. During this time Apozitive will "hold" the date as PENDING, until the conditions have been met. If you fail to meet, or contact Apozitive concerning these requirements, we will treat this as abandoment. If you signed and submitted the contract, but fail to pay the deposit by the deadline,  You are still responsible for the deposit as penalty for breach of contract. 

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