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Cancellation Policy

We understand things out of our control come up, and you may have to cancel your event. Below are the steps to take, should you have to cancel.

  • Contact Apozitive, and explain the situation. Apozitive will attempt to work things out, including a free reschedule if needbe. 

  • If you are unable to reschedule, and wish to cancel, submit your cancellation request in writing to Make sure to include your name, Contract/Invoice ID, date, and reason for cancellation.

  • If your event is more than 30 days away, you will be refunded any moneys paid, excluding the non-refundable deposit. 

  • If your event in less than 30 days, you will either receive half of all moneys paid, excluding the non-refundable deposit, or be billed half the face value of the contract as a penalty. 

If an uncontrollable event exists, or is expected to occur before or on the day of the event (inclement weather, State of emergency/Shelter in place, venue issues, etc), and rescheduling is not possible, Apozitive will fully refund any moneys paid, excluding the non-refundable deposit. 

Apozitive reserves the right to cancel any contract at any time for any reason. Should Apozitive cancel your event for non-cause reasons, Apozitive will submit the cancellation letter in writing to the host, along with a full refund (including the non-refundable deposit), and attempt to find a replacement DJ. 

However if Apozitive terminates the contract for cause reasons (host intentionally breaches contract, demonstrates threatning behavior, or any form of disrespect/harrassment, etc) the host shall still be liable for the original face value of the terminated contract plus a termination penalty not to exceed the full face value of the contract. 

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