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Contracts, Invoices, and Payments

Aozitive believes the hosts time is important, and we consider their time valuable. As such, we employ a straight-forward way of paying for services, whether its a standalone, or a full package.  We have prepared a breakdown explaining what all this means in simplest terms

  1. Contracts

A Contract is the official documented agreement between you (the client/host) and Apozitive. It gives a simple breakdown of the agreed services, rates/prices, and the required legal verbiage. It is one of two major requirements for booking your event or services and must be signed before services can begin

  1. Quotes/Invoices

A quote is a non-obligatory document that displays a projected estimate based on the requested services. It is a reference tool used for planning purposes, and does not indicate a final price. 

An invoice, on the other hand, is the "finalized" of a quote, and serves as the official obligatory document for payments. Like a quote, it still summerizes all the items, and rates, but now includes any promos/discounts (if any) along with a final price. 

  1. Payments and Deposits

The invoice will indicate whether or not  any down payments (deposits) need to be satisfied first. If no deposit is required, the contract will be the only document that needs to be completed, and submitted. If a deposit is required, then both a signed contract, and the deposit needs to be received and posted to your account prior to starting services. 

The required time to complete the contract and pay any deposits, is one week from the day the contract is sent. 

  1. Late Payments

Payments must be paid in full before or by the end of the contract date. No Exceptions! Failure to do this puts the contract in a breached state, in which a late penalty not to exceed half of the original face value will be assessed. 

Chargebacks Penalties (Bounced Checks)

Should a chargeback come back from a check payment, the following actions will be taken:

  • The host will be responsible to immedietly remit payment in full, plus the chargeback fee, along with any penalty assessment

  • The host will be required to tender payment with an alternate form of payment, as the option for a personal check would be prohibited. 

  • Any services in progress will be placed on hold, until the entire amount of the contract has been satisfied in full. 

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