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Inclement Weather Policy

IT happens. It may be sunny one minute, and stormy the next. As Apozitive cares about safety of the people, and our staff, we have put together steps on how we safely handle these natural inconviences. 

  • If non-winter severe weather is forcasted on the day of an event, (including severe weather watches), and your event is outside, Apozitive will reach out and work with the host on options. Should the host continue as planned, the host will be responsible for devising a continuty plan in case a storm strikes. Both the DJ, and the host will monitor the weather conditions closely.

  • If  a Severe Weather warning is issued, or threatening weather becomes iminant during an outdoor performnce, the DJ will immedietly halt operations, direct guests to a predetermined location, and follow internal emergency procedures. 

  • If a winter weather event is forcasted before, or on the day of the event, Apozitive will work with the host and decision making. If small amounts are expected, and travel/safety is not a concern, Apozitive will proceed with the performance, if directed by the host. 

  • If a storm forcast projects significant amounts of precipitation, a state of emergency is declared, or the venue denys access, the host will have the option to reschedule, or cancel with a full refund of any monies paid (excluding the non-refundable deposit) 

  • Apozitive does not operate under any circumstances, if a state of emergency, or a shelter in place is declared. 

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