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Lighting, and Special Effects

Lighting and special effects take any party to a new and exciting level! We want everyone to enjoy the party, and have a phenomenal time!

With that being said, there are a few key points that we feel that should be mentioned, as a precautionalry measure. 

Our lighting rigs are big, beautiful, and BRIGHT! There are times we incorporate laser fixtures, which emit concentrated beams of intense light. These, along with other lights are synced directly to the controller, which may cause the fixtures produce rapid beam movements, color changing, flashing, and the occasional unharmful UV light.

Apozitive may also incorporate foggers, and bubble machines. We only use water-based solutions, as these are generally safer than oil-based, or CO2 systems. Effects are dispursed at appropriate times and levels, and usually stay in the air about 30 minutes depending on ventilation, and the room size. 

As with any party enviornment, we strongly advise anyone who suffer from epilepsy, allergies, or any similar disorders, to use their own judgement before entering the party atmosphere. Apozitive cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions the above effects may cause for certain individuals. 

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