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Music Policy

We love music, and hope you do to! As such we have a few policies in place to ensure everyone enjoys themselves (and the music) at your event!

  • By default, the DJ will mix various music, with various styles, from various decades, for a diverse croud. The host has the power to overide this default, should a specific genre be the dominant form of music. 

  • We have 3 levels of content control: Clean/Radio Edit, Moderate, and Uncut, from no explicits to full explicits. By Default, the DJ will spin Clean/Rado edits, unless otherwise directed.

  • If Uncut is selected, it is the responsiblity of the host to ensure all guests are at least 18 years of age or older, or inform guests guests bringing children to stay at thier own risk.

  • All of the music we play is performed under the "fair usage act" for private events. As such we prohibit connecting any personal devices to playback "certain songs" off YouTube, due to copyright law violations. Please work with your host if a requested song needs to be mandated. 

  • Apozitive believes in keeping and maintaining a safe, positive and enjoyable atmosphere. Under no circumstances will the DJ play songs that contain (but are not limited to) hate, violence, rape, racism, sexism, religion (excluding inspirational/gospel music) defamation of women, substance abuse, politics, or anything deemed sensitive in nature, even if the host request it. 

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