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Safety Protocols

If its not safe, its not fun. Since we want everyone to have a good time, we have provided some tips, and required policies to keep the party going!

  • If lights are present, avoid looking directly into the beam. These light beams, especially lasers, are extremely bright and are capable of causing permanant vision damage, including blindness if one intentionally stares into one for a short period of time. See light- avoid darkness!

  • Do not touch, handle, or move any DJ equipment for ANY REASON, due to liability reasons. if a light beam is in your eye, or a speaker is too close, work with a party host, coordinator, or DJ (if the latter are unavailable) to get the matter resolved. 

  • Do not offer to assist the DJ with loading, unloading, or setting up/tearing down equipment. Although your intentions are appreciated, our insurance company wont appreciate the liabilty assesment should something happen. 

  • If you see something you feel may be unsafe (loose/exposed wires) arcing equipment, hot burning smell (normal for lights), or smoke coming from any nearby DJ equipment,  DO NOT TOUCH...inform the DJ IMMEDIETLY! 

  • DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ACCESS THE DJ BOOTH  FOR ANY REASON, AT ANY TIME!  This is a SERIOUS safety, and liability infraction that can carry serious consequences to both the host, and the offender, if caught.

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