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Song Request Policy

We highly encourage the host, and their guests to have a good time at our performance. Thats why we employ a "unlimited request" operation, where the guests (along with the DJ) make the playlist! With that being said, we do have a few recomendation, (and a few policies) to ensure everyone gets a shot at hearing the song they requested.

  • Make your requests online, or via a QR Code. This helps ensure the DJ receives the request you want, verses trying to take verbal requests, or looking at your smartphone in a loud environment. 

  • Try to avoid verbal requests. As mentioned before, it can be very difficult for the DJ to hear your request. You are welcome to say hi, or make small talk, so as long as the DJ is not performing

  • If you are performing a solo, and require a minue-one track, please work with the host, or the event coordinator directly involved with the events planning, so the required song can be included on a special playlist. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will the DJ connect your personal device to play a song off YouTube, as this is a direct copyright law violation.

  • Keep in mind, a song request does not mean an automatic, or immediate playback. The DJ is already very busy working in other numerous requests received before and during the session. Please be patient- We well do our best to include your request!

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